Why Call Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing For All Your Furnace Installation and Repair Needs in Heath, Ohio?

When your heating or cooling system malfunctions, it’s comforting to know you have a reputable heating and plumbing company you can rely on for help. Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing is a respected company you can depend on. It is highly recommended for many reasons. These are some of them:

The Owner is a Highly Qualified and Caring Technician

Jody Litten is the owner of Experts Heating Air and Plumbing. He has extensive training in heating and plumbing, and his long list of certifications prove that he’s an expert at what he does. This devoted business owner runs a company that is determined to provide families and businesses with comfortable and affordable heating and cooling services all year long. To save his customers money, he installs energy-efficient products.

Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing Offers Invaluable Services

  • This family-owned company repairs and installs all cooling and heating system brands and models. Furnaces, water heaters, air conditioning systems, and more are serviced and installed. If a furnace or an air conditioner breaks down, emergency help is provided.
  • Professional duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning is provided. Mold and bacteria that develops in air ducts can pollute the air you breathe. Dryer vents in need of cleaning can also be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and they can be a fire hazard. Since research reveals indoor air pollution can be up to five times higher than outdoor air pollution, air duct cleaning is highly recommended.
  • Essential plumbing services are available. These services include drain cleaning, video drain inspections, sink and toilet service, and more. With Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing on your side, you have every reason to relax when you have a sudden plumbing problem because emergency calls are always accepted.
  • Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing installs generators. Your home will always have power if you have a generator, and your mind will be at ease. In the case of a power failure, you can rest assured the food in your refrigerator will stay cold, your alarms will continue to work, and you will still be able to work on your computer.
  • You can have the power to control heating and cooling in your home with the help of a smart home automation system. Nexia technology and a Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing technician can make it happen. You can control the temperature inside your home through an app on your phone or a portable computer.
  • Commercial heating and plumbing services are offered. Fryers, ovens, exhaust fans, dishwashers, freezers, and other appliances can be repaired by the professional technicians who work for this company. Carbon monoxide testing and remediation can be performed, and the quality of the air inside your business can be tested and balanced.


Home Experts Heating Air and Plumbing is family owned. It is a licensed and insured business with an A+ BBB rating. Emergency calls are taken, and fast service is provided. Reach this company for help at 740-787-5046.