Air Duct Cleaning in Hebron, Ohio

Most homeowners today are not aware of how polluted their indoor air could be! Dust mites, mold, bacteria and dust are just a few of the things that could be lurking inside your air ducts circulating through the air you and your family breathe. Studies show the level of air pollution inside homes can be 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air! With our air duct cleaning system we can help rid your duct system of those nasty contaminants leaving behind clean, safe and sanitized ducts.

Indoor air quality facts:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked indoor air quality as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.
  • 87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outside.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Much like your air ducts you can’t see what is inside your dryer vents. Lint will build up in the dryer and vent lines which can reduce airflow and create a dangerous situation which can lead to overheating, dryer inefficiencies and in some cases fires. When moisture cannot escape it will invite mold and bacteria build up as well.

With lint being one of the most flammable items in your home now is the best time to get your dryer vent inspected and cleaned.

Signs your dryer may need cleaning:

  • Takes anywhere from 2-4 cycles to dry 1 load
  • The outside of your dryer is hot to touch and your clothes are damp and hot at the end of the cycle
  • Notice a burning smell
  • The vent hood flap outside doesn’t open properly when dryer is running
  • Your home is older than 4 years old or hasn’t been inspected regularly

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